The day before EG (2 May 2018) we are hosting a special one-day deep dive to scout breakthroughs in AI and in Health Informatics.


Healthcare data systems were never designed for the radically expanding ways in which we quantify ourselves today: with genomics, macrobiomics, voluminous lab data, imaging files, personal gadgets and more.

As individuals, as medical professionals, and as societies, much of the future of health will depend on smart approaches to this data frontier. The flood of health information will turn worlds of medical care and discovery inside out, driving new insights, new businesses, and demanding new approaches.


Innovations in AI are bubbling up constantly now: from the conquest of games like chess, go and Jeopardy to conversational agents, autonomous cars, big data mining and deep learning — the frontiers of artificial intelligence promise boons and concerns. Beyond the hype and hysteria, how will AI contribute to personal and societal prosperity?

What concrete changes are coming?
Will new AI tools defend us against toxic information … or create more of it?
Who controls your health data, and how?
How will patterns of employment begin to change as new AI systems flourish?

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FRONTIERS @ EG will be held at La Playa Carmel and is limited to 60 participants by invitation. Open seats or cancelations may be offered to members of the EG community.

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